Say hello to Shanynn’s fellow food hacker and friend, Whitley! While Shanynn’s been inducted into the Food Hacks Hall of Fame, Whitley’s here to take the reins and show you 3 picture perfect Instagram hacks. Make sure to follow Shanynn on her social media accounts to see what she gets up to next! 

Instagram: shanynn_samiyah_covington
Snapchat: iamshanynn

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Shanynn Convigton​
Whitley Alpher

Executive Producer: Judy Meyers
Producer / Director: Rachel Eck
Producer: O.Z. Ozmen
Associate Producer: Taryn Cruz
Food Stylist: Lucas Lerman 
Food Stylist Assistant: Nechi Barlerin 
Production Assistant: Lily Ziegler 
Production Designer: Taylor Slingerland 
Director Of Photography: Hunter Truman 
Camera Operator: Victor Ingles 
Ac / Media Manager: Mario Hurtado 
Sound Mixer: Bobby Vonghom 
Studio Teacher: Carol​ ​Bandy 
Set Photographer: Maggie Knox
DTV Line Producer: Jeremy Chilvers
DTV Office Coordinator: Allyson Kloster

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