Google unveiled a bunch of new products and services at its Pixel 2 event and if your gonna buy one of each new products in google store with some kind of intelligence baked in, you would be dropping 8,227 dollars and let me break it down. 
So, first is the new Google Home Mini which features a simple design with a custom made fabric by Google to let sound and lights in and out. It comes in three colors and will retail for 49 bucks.

As for the Max, its meant for hardcore audiophiles as it pumps out sound with more than 20 times more power than Google Home and also comes with Smart Sound. It’ll be available this December for $399, in chalk or charcoal color.

Next is the Google Pixelbook which “re-imagines the laptop experience”, at least according to Google. It’s certainly an attractive and a powerfull device, with the base model starting from $999 which has Intel Core i5,8GB RAM and 128GB SSD and then you can double the storage with that for 1,199. And the one with Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM and 512GB model goes for 1,649.

There is now the Pixelbook Pen. It’s essentially Google’s version of Samsung’s S-Pen for the Pixelbook which goes for $99.

The Pixel 2 and larger Pixel 2 XL offer the same high-end, bleeding-edge tech as the original Pixel phone. Google added a few features like water-proofing and removed a few like the head phone jack.This generation of Pixels is built for the AR and VR future, and the camera scores the highest rating for a smartphone camera ever, 98 from DXO Mark. The Pixel 2 and 2 XL will cost you 649 and 849 for 64gig and 749 and 949 for 128gig respectively.

If you want to protect your new Pixels with official Google cases, then the Fabric Case and Live Case will cost 40 bucks and Earth Live Case for 50 bucks.

Next on the list is the Daydream View, the new hardware comes with a wider field of view and a better overall viewing experience. You can pre-order it, starting at $99.

Next, Pixel Buds similar to the Airpods.They have Google Translate built-in, with the capability to translate languages in real time—so you can pretend you understand various language without knowing a single word, thanks to the helpful AI inside your ears. You can pre-order it starting 159 bucks.

Lastly Google introduced a different kind of camera called Google Clips. The palm-sized device takes photos for you, using AI to find the candid moments you might want to capture and then export them to your phone over Wi-Fi. ($249)

So in total google announced 8,227 dollar worth of tech.

And that’s it for the highlights and pricings folks! What was your favorite announcement? Let me know down in the comments and do thumbs-up the video if you enjoyed it and ofcourse subscribe for more, its Gagan signing out seeya. 


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