The Bay Area Air Quality Management District  BAAQMD is responsible for regulation and oversight of air quality for the people of the bay area. The management and executives of the district have bullied and fired two whistleblowers Michael Bachmann and Sarah Steele at the board who tried to stop the destruction of documents and records of violation of air standards by bay area refineries and industrial polluters. This forum discussed the failure of this board to properly defend the health and safety particularly of African American and Latino communities. Speakers discussed how the management of the District has refused to properly protect the residents of communities that are being contaminated on a continued basis. The politicians on the board continue to refuse to call for the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate the criminal retaliation of whistleblowers who were fired for trying to protect the records. The BAAQMD executives have conspired to cover-up their illegal retaliation and workplace bullying of the staff and the California Attorney General has been asked to investigate but has refused to take action to defend the whistleblowers and the public.
Speakers included:
Dr. Larry Rose, Former Cal-OSHA Medical Director 
Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, Radiological Subcommittee of the Hunters Point Shipyard Restoration Advisory Board, Founder Radiological Subcommittee of Hunters Point Ship Yard & Veterans Administration Environmental Registry former Medical Officer 
Steve Nadel, Sunflower Alliance 
Francisco Da costa, Hunters Point Environmental Justice Advocacy, Director S.E. Sector Community Development Corporation 
Derek Toliver, Environmental Expert and Health and Safety Advocate
Dr. Derek Kerr, Advocate for Whistleblowers and Whistleblower at San Francisco Laguna Honda Hospital
The forum took place on March 19, 2017 in San Francisco and was sponsored by the United Public Workers For Action
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