Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) delivers what is billed as his final speech from the floor of the US Senate. Franken is resigning on January 2, 2018.  Tina Smith will be sworn in as the new senator from Minnesota on January 3, 2018.

In his speech Franken touched on several topics. Some highlights:
In his speech, Sen. Franken said:

“We will always have the democracy we deserve, if not the government we want. It’s going to take ordinary Americans deciding to become more informed consumers of political news and opinion—and deciding that they’re willing to be part of the argument themselves, instead of simply tuning it all out as noise. And if they do, I know that we will get this country back on track.
On Paul Wellstone:
“In October, 15 years after we lost Paul, I took to the Senate floor to remember him and to celebrate his life. Paul understood—better than anyone I know—the meaning and the power of politics, and I think he would have a lot to say about where we find ourselves today. Paul said, quote “Politics is not about power. Politics is not about money. Politics is not about winning for the sake of winning. Politics is about the improvement of people’s lives.
“Even in the face of everything that is happening today, I still believe in Paul’s words. “Politics is about the improvement of people’s lives.” I know those words to be true because I know that the American people still believe in justice and equality and opportunity—and I see evidence of it every day.” 


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