Stapled Shut
L.A. Times CS [1996]
Powerviolence, Hardcore Punk
Brownsunshinelove Prod.

00:00 Lockdown 
01:24 Just Another Day 
02:41 Smoke 
03:25 Puro Desmadre 
03:48 Fuck All This Dirt 
04:27 Cracked Up 
05:18 Stapled Shut 
06:46 Killer Breed 
07:24 What The Fuck 
08:50 Blazing 
09:37 Resin Heaven 
12:16 Field Of Green 
13:03 Wa Ti Da Da 
14:43 Strung Out 
15:00 Can't Change Your Mind 
15:56 Putasos 
16:27 Zig Zag 
18:05 Fucken Stoned 
18:18 Mocoso 
19:21 No Visine 
19:56 Fuck The Bullshit 
21:21 Caught Between Extremes 
22:13 Chavala


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