In this video, we will fetch JSON data from a blog using Retrofit library. We have covered step by step a simple retrofit example to fetch data from the server. Blogger API is used to show articles in an app. JSON feeds of the blog are shown in Cardview inside recylcerview. This video is part 6th of our new android development tutorial series for beginners. 

Follow along - everything is explained in Hindi. 

Topics Covered - 
 - Set up of blog API (Blogger API is used)
 - Create interface for retrofit
 - Interface Implementation using Retrofit
 - GSON library is used as convertor - GSON Converter Factory
 - JSON to POJO is done using JSON Scheme To POJO
 - Retrofit builder with Singleton Pattern
 - Full working example of Retrofit 
Volley Tutorial- 

Blogger and API setup- 
Recycler View Playlist -
Beginner series in Android Playlist- 

Learn all this in Hindi (हिंदी  में )

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