How to recover photos and other files from the Samsung Galaxy S3 and most other Androids without the need for the mouse when your screen is cracked and you can't unlock your phone. You will need the adb-setup.exe from xda developers site (Link Below).This was super easy but you will need the adb.exe file that comes with the android sdk. The adb_setup.exe has all of the files you will need. Alternatively you can install the whole sdk but it is over 300mb. Just run the setup file and i stall fast boot. Turn on the phone then plug in the cable to your pc and follow the directions, Linux savvy folks should get this real easily as its like the bash shell in linux.

Link to the files:

**Do the Fastboot setup and install drivers prior to connecting your phone. I cant say what version or whether the USB debug was checked as I recovered these files for my Brother In Law. I just know it was a recent Galaxy 3 prob at latest firmware as of Aug 2014.
Once in the "adb shell" use "ls" or ls -l" to list the directories and files. To change Directories use "cd" then the path (cd /path/to/files) and use "adb pull /path/to/files c:\targetDir" to get all files in that directory.

Good luck, I hope you recover your files.!!

**UPDATE** I felt the need to add this since there are some people that want to get mad at me cause it doesent work for them. First of all IF YOUR PHONE IS NEWER THAN 2 Years since this video was posted YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.. They did implement more security and this may not work for some people!!!!

I also want to mention that some folks have their pictures going to the SD card in the phone, in this case, just remove the SD card and put it in a card reader on your PC and then when the new drive appears look for your pictures.. You can search for *.jpg or *.raw whatever version your camera uses (Likely jpg).

Good luck and for those that just want to whine to me cause it didn't work for them. I did not invent or code the software on your phone, I just try to help spread the knowledge that I have learned along the way.. If this does not suit you then I'm sorry, look somewhere else for your solution. But don't make yourself look like a complete idiot by making comments like the one from DAEMON33..
I REPEAT ....  This may and likely will no longer work on newer phones.. I did this on a Galaxy 3 to give you an idea of how old the solution is.. 


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