Xiaomi presents the new Mi Mix 2 edge-to-edge smartphone for $550 within Mi India Product Launch Event on October 10, 2017. Mi Mix 2 has Snapdragon 835 processor with incredibly improved 4-channel antenna technology for LTE Networks. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has metal body from the back and with 5.99 inch wide display. The price of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is 500$. Xiaomi also unveiled Unibody ceramic Mi Mix 2 smartphone. Mi Mix 2 Special Edition with Full ceramic body and 8GB RAM for the price $700. Xiaomi launched Mi Note 3 as well. Mi Note 3 has Dual Camera with aluminum frame. MiNote3 has 6Gb RAM and Snapdragon 835 CPU. Xiaomi also unveiled Mi6 phone. All products designed by Pillip Stark. This is the full version of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 presentation in India on October 10, 2017.


source: mi.com 


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