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This is a video blog I had to make after watching Sinead O'Connors plea for help. She sounded just like me when I'm in my apt by myself feeling completely alone. 
 We REALLY NEED TO END THS SOUL CRUSHING SYSTEM!! i've been saying it and feeling it since the early 70's. 
People have NO idea how SICK we really are,, they are. The more many people refuse to admit their shortcomings and flaws the more it just perpetuates and gets passed onto the most vulnerable like an emotional garbage dump. 
 If there's ONE thing people need to get,, the way this system has been constructed and the way we've been Programmed to function In it, is NOT THE WAY HEALTH AND NATUE WORK.

 Nature does Not Make Any garbage! Everything and EveryONE is valuable! 
Sociopath Crapitalism creates garbage, "war," "terrorists", "Criminals", to keep the FAKE $ going. 
 We must return to health and Nature! 


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