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Jeffrey Dean Morgan says "Fuck you" Donald Trump. The actor stars in Desierto as the "VIgilante" a character that is too similar to Donald Trump, or its supporters. Desierto, on theaters today, 08/14/16. !We strongly recommend it!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, has never spoken up about his political views or ideas but Desierto, the movie that is coming out today in theaters has forced him to speak up against the political circus that we are living now in the U.S. Desierto touches on very sensitive issues, dangers and injustices that immigrants faced on a daily basis caused by hatred, racism and ignorance. Filming Desierto changed Jeffrey Dean Morgan's life, his character he shares reflects Donald Trump's hatred and his people, and when filming this movie three years ago, the directors or actors had no idea this movie would be pretty much portraying what we are living now with Donald Trump and his political circus. Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared that filming in Mexico, and being close to the Mexican people and seeing face to face the struggles they live, the suffering and racism they have to overcome once or if they made it to the U.S. has strongly moved him, and has changed his life forever. And he made it clear, watch how Jeffrey Dean Morgan speaks up against the republican candidate with a "Fuck You Donald Trump" 


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