Ashley Judd is weighing in on James Franco‘s response to accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

The actress, who was one of the first to accuse Harvey Weinstein and help launch the #MeToo movement, says that James had a “terrific” response.

In a late night interview this week, James said that the accusations he read were “not accurate, but one of the things that I’ve learned is that this is a conversation that obviously needs to be had. There are people, women and others, who have not been a part of this conversation and I truly believe and why I was wearing the pin is that they need to be a part of this conversation and so I support that.”

Ashley opened up to the BBC this week as well.

“I think that what James said is terrific,” she said (via Vulture). “And I think that we’ve all behaved – at a certain level – unconsciously, and done things that were insensitive, inappropriate, without necessarily understanding that they were. I mean we’ve all operated with a certain amount of tone-deafness, and I like the culpability, and we have to have restorative justice. This is about men and women being all together and having a more equitable and just workplace, home life, social spaces.”


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